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Our Team

Paul A. "Andy" Crider


CIS President Andy Crider has over 25 years of insurance experience in employee benefits with focus on enrollment and administrative services.  He developed the CIS consolidated billing process as well as the coordinating of enrollments.  Prior to entering the insurance field, he was Promotions Director for M Magazine with Fairchild Publications in New York City.  Andy was also list manager for Chilcutt Direct Marketing where he worked with client companies REI, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, and J. Peterman.  His responsibilities included the management of each company’s database, as well as marketing the list rental for these companies, and others.  Andy holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Texas Wesleyan University.

Monica Crider

Monica Crider joined CIS in 2002.  She received a B.S. from Baylor University and is a Certified Public Accountant.  She worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in public accounting where she was responsible for the insurance client tax filings.  Additionally, she worked for State General Insurance Company where she filed all of the IRS and state insurance department filings for multiple states.  Monica is in charge of accounting, including overseeing the consolidated billing service, licensing, state insurance department relations, and compliance with IRS and insurance department regulations.

Jennifer McNatt

Jennifer McNatt is our Benefits Specialist.  She coordinates TheBenefitsHUB enrollment platform to ensure that benefits are correctly stated in the HUB. Jennifer assists with onsite enrollments, and also works with billing administration for accounts.  Jennifer has over 20 years in insurance enrollments and benefits administration.  Prior to working in the benefits field, Jennifer was the Executive Assistant at the Education Service Center Region 11, where she was responsible for Board of Director meetings, as well as the employee benefits.  Her administrative skills and knowledge of how the public schools and public education work in Texas are a valuable addition to CIS as she works with client school districts and individual employees.

Calvin L. Crider

Crider Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Calvin L. Crider, who had been Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer for Great American Reserve Life Insurance Company in Dallas, Texas.  When the insurance company was sold to an Indiana corporation, Mr. Crider founded CIS.  Crider Insurance Services was incorporated in 1995.  Mr. Crider has over 50 years of insurance experience, primarily with employee benefits for public sector employers.  He was a teacher, coach, and Texas State Teachers Association staff member prior to entering the insurance industry.  Mr. Crider received his B.S. from Texas Wesleyan University, and his M.S. from Sam Houston State University.  Calvin retired from CIS in 2020, and is now enjoying a well-deserved break.  

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